Upcoming Events

Orthodox and Western Easter - NO School Fri, 18 Apr - Mon, 21 Apr
Earth Day Tue, 22 Apr
East Africa MS Choir Wed, 23 Apr
K-2 Play Day Wed, 23 Apr
Festival Tanzania Wed, 23 Apr
MS Choir Festival Tanzania Thu, 24 Apr - Sun, 27 Apr
HS Drama Performance Thu, 24 Apr - Fri, 25 Apr
ES Talent Show Fri, 25 Apr
ICS Farmer's Market Fri, 25 Apr. - 3:00PM - - 5:30PM
PTA Spring Festival Sat, 26 Apr
CodorDojo Sat, 26 Apr. - 2:00PM - - 4:00PM
Garage Sale Sun, 27 Apr
MAP Testing Mon, 28 Apr - Fri, 16 May

All School Corner

ICS Celebrates 50 Years of Growth

Please join us as we launch our year-long celebration in honor of our 50th Anniversary. The American Community School was established in April 1964 to provide the best possible educational facilities and instructional programs for international families residing in Ethiopia. Help us reflect on our past accomplishments and see what we are doing to prepare for the next 50 years of growth.

In preparation for our next 50 years of growth, we are happy to announce the Grand Opening of our new cafeteria. Our new cafeteria started serving on 28 February and has the capacity to serve 1200 students!
Come tour the new cafeteria, see the master plan which charts the further improvement of our facilities and learn about our goals to prepare our students to succeed and thrive in the 21st Century.  
When: 15 April 2014
Time: 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM*
Where: ICS Main Campus Cafeteria through the Main Gate
Please RSVP regrets only. Email: Bethlelem Tameru
*Drinks and light snacks will be served. An adult only event.

New ICS Addis Faculty for 2014–2015

The following ICS Addis teachers will be taking on new roles in the school next year:
• Sandy Chung: Schoolwide Educational Psychologist and Student Support Coordinator
• Paula Cline: Intensive Classroom Teacher
• Robert Jackson: IB Diploma Coordinator (also with part time English teaching)
• Robert Medina: MS/HS and IB Visual Arts
• Elaine Nicholson: Director of Teaching and Learning
• David Redmond: High School Principal
• Laura Rollison: Middle/High School EAL
• Rosemary Waterman: Grade Two classroom
• David White: High School Assistant Principal (also with part time teaching)

ICS Addis also welcomes the following educators who will join us in August for the 2014–15 academic year. All of our new teachers hold a teaching qualification from an English-speaking country (Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States).

1. David Acland brings a wide range of experience to his teaching of secondary physics, science and mathematics, including two years at the American International School of Dhaka and Warden Park School in Brighton, England. Before training as a teacher, Mr Acland completed a BSc in Development Economics from LSE and was awarded an OBE for his service as a British Royal Navy pilot. His wife Amy Neal will join our student support team in the elementary school.
2. Kim Church has taught in international schools on four continents for the past seventeen years. Currently at QSI Malta, Kim has a range of experience, from high school English to grade three and learning support. Kim will be joining our student support team in high school learning support, along with serving as K-12 Enrichment Coordinator. She and her husband Ron Snyder will bring one middle school daughter with them.
3. Michael Cooper will be our Director of Activities and Athletics. Mick and his wife Beth met in Addis Ababa twenty-three years ago and have two children. Mick has over twenty years of experience teaching and directing physical education, activities and sports programs in international schools. He and his family are joining us from ACS Tunis in Tunisia.
4. Elizabeth De Poy brings four years of experience and training as an elementary teacher, including a Master’s degree in Reading from the University of Virginia. Edie’s partner Nathan Weaver will teach elementary physical education. They are joining us from Dubai American Academy.
5. Kerstin Harder will join our elementary teaching faculty from the American British Academy (ABA) in Muscat, Oman. Although born in Germany, Kerstin earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in New Zealand and has also taught there as well as in Tanzania.
6. Meghan Hardy will be our new instrumental music teacher. She holds an MA in Music and a Bachelor’s in Music Education and brings ten years of experience teaching music in US schools, most recently in Kansas.
7. Mark Jolley also joins us from ABA in Muscat, Oman, to teach physical education and health in the middle and high school. He completed his PGCE and degrees in physical education and special educational needs at the University of Exeter. Mark has thirteen years of experience in international schools and in the UK.
8. Jennifer Lower Davis will be joining our elementary’s EAL/Learning Support team after teaching part-time and substituting at ICS in the middle and elementary school. As well as being a certified teacher, Jenn is also a veterinarian.
9. Nik Madalinski will teach technology in the elementary school. He and his wife Junlah Putnam have one child and are joining us from Osaka, Japan. They have also worked in Cambodia. Nik holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from California.
10. Chris McBride will join our middle school team from Harare International School. With eleven years of teaching experience in the United States and in international schools in Africa, Chris has most recently been involved in the development of the Global Issues Student Summits in Africa. Chris will bring his wife and an infant daughter.
11. Natasha McCarroll holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Experienced in establishing and leading activities and service projects in Africa and Asia, Tash will serve as our high school CAS Coordinator and brings ten years of teaching experience in schools which include the American School of Bombay.
12. Beth Miceli-Cooper will work with our elementary school teachers as our instructional coach. With a Master’s degree in reading and twenty-four years of experience in international schools, Beth will be joined by her husband Mick and their two children, Gabriela and Andrew.
13. Ryan Murphy joins us from the United World College in Mahindra, India, where he has been teaching IB Environmental Science and chemistry. He previously taught at the UWC in Victoria, Canada, where he himself graduated with his IB Diploma before earning a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and Master’s in biology. Ryan will be accompanied by his wife Raïsa.
14. Amy Neal will join our student support team in the elementary school. Holding a Master’s degree in special education and educational diagnostics, Amy has eight years of teaching experience in the United States and abroad. Texas born, Amy and her husband David Acland most recently worked at the American International School of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
15. Louise Norton will join our Student Support Team as Learning Support teacher primarily in the Middle School. Louise has a Bachelors degree and PGCE from Goldsmiths (University of London) and additional EAL and Special Needs Assessment Certification. She brings fourteen years of experience as a classroom teacher, literacy and numeracy specialist, and diagnostician in schools in Ethiopia and in England, and has one daughter who will attend ICS.
16. Janine Plunkett and her family are already a part of our community and in August 2014 she will join us as elementary school music teacher. The mother of two boys ages nine and twelve, Janine brings nearly fifteen years of experience as a teacher of music in South African schools. She holds a Master’s degree in music from the University of the Witwatersrand.
17. Junlah Putnam will teach lower elementary next year. Born and educated in the United States, Junlah and her husband Nik have a daughter in elementary. She brings eight years of experience from Osaka Japan, Cambodia and Chicago.
18. Elizabeth Ramey will join us to teach French from middle school through IB and is an IB French examiner. She brings five years of experience, most recently as head teacher of a French immersion program in a university lab school in Columbia, Missouri. She holds a Master’s degree in French Literature from the University of Missouri. Her husband is from Spain and is completing a PhD in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
19. Ron Snyder will join ICS as middle and high school instructional coach. Ron brings a range of international school experience on four continents. Most recently developing Quality Schools International’s ‘Virtual School’ for the past two years, he previously served as principal of Kyiv International School. Ron is completing his Doctorate in Education at the University of Bath and has earned two Master’s degrees from the United States. He and his wife Kim Church have one daughter.
20. Sarah Silver holds a Master’s degree in reading and language from the University of Massachusetts and will teach lower elementary. She and her husband will relocate to Ethiopia from Hong Kong in June, where Sarah has taught at Hong Kong International School for the past three years. She began her career as an educator in the United States.
21. Catherine Turek will join our elementary school student support team to teach English as an Additional Language. She holds a Master’s degree in early childhood education as well as certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification. Catherine brings six years of experience in the United States as well as in Vietnam, where she currently teaches at Saigon Pearl International School in Ho Chi Minh City.
22. Laura Waters joins our visual arts department from Istanbul, Turkey, where she currently teaches IB Visual Arts at ENKA International School. A professional artist specializing in ceramics and painting, Laura brings twenty-five years of experience as a visual arts teacher in the United States and in Turkey. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art from Texas A&M University.
23. Nathan Weaver will be an elementary physical education teacher at ICS Addis. He brings five years of teaching experience at international schools including the American International School of Chennai in India, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University. Nathan and his partner Edie De Poy are joining us from Dubai American Academy.
24. Cheryl-Ann Weekes is currently at the American International School of Kingston, Jamaica, and will join us as high school and college counselor. With seventeen years of experience in counseling in the Dominican Republic, Washington DC and Boston, Cheryl earned her Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Virginia in 1997.
25. Christopher Wright will join our high school English department from Ombrose Lycée in Lyon, France. He brings seven years of experience in international schools and is an IB examiner for English. Christopher was a journalist before beginning his career as an educator, and he holds a teaching qualification from the University of Edinburgh as well as a BA from Royal Holloway in London.
26. Heidi Zickefoose will join our middle school as an English and humanities teacher after twelve years at Taejon Christian International School (TCIS), a boarding school in Korea. Heidi has a Master’s degree in theatre and two Bachelor’s degrees in English and English Education. She and her husband George have three children who graduated from TCIS and attend university in North America.
27. George Zickefoose will be our elementary assistant principal and is joining us from TCIS with his wife Heidi. With twenty-seven years of experience as a teacher and administrator, George is completing his dissertation for a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He also holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Idaho.

The recruiting team at ICS Addis this year included the following people: Lia Belai, Katherine Brewer, Brenna Creamer, Theresa Davis, Jessica Fortin, Joyce Halsey, Elizabeth Johnston, David Redmond and Michael Schooler. It was an intense, collaborative process that saw us revitalize and formalize our protocols for reference checks, interview formats and making offers. We reviewed several hundreds of applications and dossiers, and called more than a hundred of referees around the globe as well. As a result there was a high degree of consensus on priorities for hiring, and a high degree of “inter-recruiter reliability” between us about our top candidates.

Spring Into Music

Spring Into Music!

Join the PTA on 15 March from 12:00—2:00 PM at the Large Amphitheatre for an amazing talent show. Elementary, middle and high school students will entertain us with their singing and dancing. We would also be delighted to have some of our talented parents perform so if you are interested to be part of the show, please contact Lisa Black. Tickets will be 20 birr. Come and relax on the grounds of ICS while listening to some great music. Food and beverages will be on sale.

Tickets for the event will be on sale on the following days on the lawn in front of the library:
Monday 10 March, 3:00 PM
Tuesday 11 March, 3:00 PM
Thursday 13 March, 3:00 PM
Friday 14 March, 3:00 PM
Saturday 15 March, 11:00 AM

Adult Tennis Ladder: Coach Alex Lancia

Love to play tennis? Want to meet new players? Need to nurture your competitive ego? If so, then you can sign up for the ICS Community tennis ladder. This ladder is open to all ICS staff and parents.  
Click on "join ladder" in the upper right hand corner. You will need to create an account (please enter an accurate information so that other players looking to contact you can do so) and then I will add you to the ladder.
For instructions, rules and all other information please follow this link. The idea is to get people playing and also to have a database of players from which we can then start to organize tournaments etc. Elementary students can sign up for their own ladder (they will need a parent's email address). Middle and high school students can also sign up for their own ladder. If you have any questions, please email Alex Lancia. Happy tennis!

Emergency Procedures Update

As a result of concerns over the sound of the lockdown alarm, the sound has been changed to a five second tone followed by a calm voice directing everyone to “the blue zone” which simply means lockdown. On Tuesday 4 March, we held a lockdown drill to introduce the new alarm sound which was previewed by all staff and most middle and high school students prior to the announced drill. This drill also gave us an opportunity to review the lockdown procedures in our new cafeteria and gym extension. The drill was very successful with all divisions reporting a smooth transition to the new alarm.

The Talking Head

Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:45AM
Use of The ICS Campus by Students and Parents
Fri, 14 Mar. - 12:05PM
The ICS Learner ProfileThe new ICS Learner Profile which may look suspiciously like the IB Learner Profile, includes two major differences. First, note the word “Courageous” for trait number eight....
Mon, 24 Feb. - 8:38AM
In our classrooms, teachers often look for the teachable moment: that surprising question or incident that gives us an opportunity for learning something that we didn’t plan in the curriculum. To...
Fri, 24 Jan. - 10:51AM
A BIG Boost For ICS!
Thu, 19 Dec. - 12:44PM
Thanks to So Many for a Great First Half!

Technology Corner

Fri, 11 Apr. - 9:44AM
Tech Fair
Fri, 7 Mar. - 11:31AM
21st Century Learning at ICS
Fri, 28 Feb. - 9:13AM
This week, five of our high school students competed in the Canadian Computing Contest sponsored by the University of Waterloo. Every year, this contest has thousands of students competing in...
Fri, 28 Feb. - 8:51AM
We've installed and set up a new blog system for ICS using WordPress. This will give us the option to have blogs by any teacher or student. We are currently trialing the system with a few of our high...
Mon, 24 Feb. - 8:39AM
Last week, I wrote about how some sites were blocking our mail server or marking all our email as spam. We are still working on this issue and trying to get our site “whitelisted” as OK.

Counselor's Corner

Wed, 16 Apr. - 10:22AM
Many young kids have trouble sitting still and staying focused. But as students get more homework, they need to be able to stick with a task and finish it.Here are some ways to help your child stay...
Wed, 9 Apr. - 9:30AM
The American Heart Association recommends that children and adolescents participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. The great news is exercise comes in...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:25AM
Parenting Tips From Derek Ferreira, Elementary School Counselor: Parenting Tips To Help Your Child Study  College Application Process
Wed, 2 Apr. - 2:52PM
Parents may not be able to control some ways in which children learn. They can, however, set aside time to learn how to cultivate their children's study habits in order to improve their learning in...
Wed, 19 Mar. - 8:38AM
Holiday travel with kids. Four words that strike fear into the heart of every parent, not to mention other travelers. Our family has always lived far enough away from our relatives that visiting...

PTA Corner

Thu, 10 Apr. - 2:16PM
PTA Field Trip: Selam’s Village
Thu, 10 Apr. - 10:41AM
Please join us as we launch our year-long celebration in honor of our 50
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:27AM
Movie Night
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:10AM
The registration renewal form and medical form for the 2014-15 school year are due by Thursday 17 April 2014. Hard copies are available at the reception desk.
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:40AM
The library staff extend their wishes for a restful and "readingful" holiday break to the entire ICS community. For those of you in Addis, our library will be open on 22 and 29 March from 9:00...

High School Corner

Fri, 11 Apr. - 9:42AM
IBDP Year OneICS IBDP year one students have been assigned an extended essay supervisor and will now begin a series of meetings over the course of the semester. It is hoped that many students will...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:23AM
ICS Prom Our students' social event of the year is fast approaching. The ICS prom will be held on 5 April from 6:00—11:00 PM at the Hilton Ballroom. The students have chosen "The Great Gatsby" as...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:16AM
The book swap is here! Dust the cobwebs off of your old books and come exchange them for new ones—completely for free! When: Friday 4 April from 3:00 PM—5:30 PM Where: Library Lawn Who: Anyone in our...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:10AM
The registration renewal form and medical form for the 2014-15 school year are due by Thursday 17 April 2014. Hard copies are available at the reception desk.
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:56AM
IBDP Year One

Middle School Corner

Thu, 10 Apr. - 4:51PM
Student-Led Conferences This WeekStudent-Led Conferences (SLC) and Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) are continuing today and Friday. Middle school students have been discussing their learning and...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:19AM
Community Time: Welcome Back from Break!
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:16AM
The book swap is here! Dust the cobwebs off of your old books and come exchange them for new ones—completely for free! When: Friday 4 April from 3:00 PM—5:30 PM Where: Library Lawn Who: Anyone in our...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:10AM
The registration renewal form and medical form for the 2014-15 school year are due by Thursday 17 April 2014. Hard copies are available at the reception desk.
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:50AM
Community Time

Elementary Corner

Thu, 10 Apr. - 2:14PM
Online Resources
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:17AM
Art Attack! The latest elementary school art newsletter is now published on the website.
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:16AM
The book swap is here! Dust the cobwebs off of your old books and come exchange them for new ones—completely for free! When: Friday 4 April from 3:00 PM—5:30 PM Where: Library Lawn Who: Anyone in our...
Mon, 7 Apr. - 11:10AM
The registration renewal form and medical form for the 2014-15 school year are due by Thursday 17 April 2014. Hard copies are available at the reception desk.
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:48AM
The next ICS Learner Profile trait we purposely teach, promote and foster in our students is being “Principled”. This means we encourage integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness,...

Athletics & Activities Corner

Thu, 17 Apr. - 8:48AM
The International/ISSAAA track and field meet was a massive success this past weekend. Our crew of volunteers worked tirelessly for three days to stage a spectacle of athletic achievements. Coaches,...
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:57AM
Please be reminded that there will be no ASA or sports after school for elementary students between 20—21 March due to Student-Led Conferences.
Fri, 28 Feb. - 11:36AM
The 5th annual Eagle Open Slam International Tennis Tournament was held on our tennis courts from 19—23 February. This event over the years has attracted a variety of international schools across...
Fri, 21 Feb. - 1:05PM
All are invited to support our U19 boys and girls tennis teams as they compete in the annual Eagle Open Slam. The event is scheduled on our tennis courts all day from 20—22 February.Complete schedule...
Fri, 21 Feb. - 12:57PM
All students are invited to register for the track and field exchange with Bingham on Saturday 22 February. The event is aimed at all levels as an opportunity to experiment with track and field....

Board of Governors Elections, Please Vote!

There are only five school days remaining to vote for the Board of Governors for 2014-15 school year, please stop by and vote during the day in the Head of School’s office or at the Association General Meeting (AGM) meeting on 16 April at 6:00 PM. For parents who can come early that day, please stop by the student technology fair in the cafeteria, lower commons, at 5:00 PM.

ICS Celebrates 50 Years of Growth

Please join us as we launch our year-long celebration in honor of our 50

Board News 03.04.14

Board Elections

All Association members have received an election packet via email with the candidates’ letters of interest. Candidate information is also posted in the ICS reception area. Ballots are available now so please stop by the Head of School’s office to vote.
How to vote:
1) Register and pick-up your ballot in the Head of School’s office
2) On the ballot, vote for exactly two candidates
3) Fold and drop your vote in the sealed ballot box in the Head’s office

Board News

Upcoming ICS Board of Governors Election: 16 April 2014.

Every year at the Association General Meeting (AGM) in April, parent volunteers stand for election to the ICS Board of Governors; this year three seats will be open for new board members to join for a two year term.

Board Corner