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Recognition for ICS Employees

Every year we officially recognize service to the ICS community for all of our employees. On Friday 6 June the entire staff at ICS Addis gathered to celebrate the end of a successful school year. As before, we honored the commitment of our teachers, office staff, maintenance workers, guards, TAs and others, by recognizing those among us who had reached “milestone” years of service with the school. 62 of our ICS employees marked their first year…and anyone who has changed jobs or moved countries knows how difficult that first year can be. 34 employees were honored for five, ten, fifteen, or twenty-five years of loyalty to ICS! Sadly, we also said farewell to 32 staff members. Altogether our 304 ICS employees have offered 1,829 years of service to our students and community! A full list of those honored is available on our website.

This year our ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Melat WoldeAregay, who worked as our Admissions Associate. Melat made sure that a parent's first impression of ICS was both positive and professional; more importantly, she made them feel welcome and attended to their needs personally. Parents and children never heard, “It's not my job” from Melat but rather, “How can I help you?”
Her attention to detail also came through in our weekly newsletter—such as persistent follow up to ensure accurate dates and news—and in her email communication as an official representative of ICS. Often she stayed at school after hours to complete her tasks, as her day was spent assisting students and parents, above and beyond her expected duties. As one new parent said, “She made us feel confident in our choice of school.” Another new parent said, “She was a great ambassador for the school.” Sadly, Melat passed away in an auto accident in November. She is missed by all of us who knew her or who worked with her.

ICS: School Song

A Song for ICS

Three weeks ago, under the tutelage of our visiting songwriter Tom, a group of students gathered to talk about the values of ICS and what we thought it contributed to the world around us, to the people within the school and beyond. We thought about what matters most to us here, and who we strive to be, as well as how we're known to others around us. Just like our school, the participants were diverse, ranging from grades 6—11. We had students who have been at the school for several years and those that just joined ICS this year. We spent 9 sessions together working on lyrics and a melody.
Together, we came up with a description of our school where students are empowered to be their best, to contribute to the world and to continue taking care of our places within it: at ICS and outside these walls. A place where 'eagles' learn to fly!
Here is a recording of the song lyrics and melody. The instrumentation for the official recording as well as the performance on Friday will include either a ‘kirar’ or ‘masinko’ and a percussion section. We will likely slow down the performance of this song so all students can read the words and sing along. Please join us in singing it on Friday. We will have a group of students (middle and high school choir) leading the singing along with teachers. If you would be willing to join us, please come to a practice on Thursday after school at 3:30 PM in room 53 (behind the gym). 
In the Horn of Africa, on a high plateau
Eagles fly where the acacia grows
You can be empowered to contribute to the world
We are ICS, Come join us in our
Home away from home
Growing each and every day
Step by step, hand in hand
Let's take care of this place!
We are gathered here from far and wide
Diverse we stand, unified
Fearless, reaching for our highest goal
We are ICS, come join us in our
Home away from home
Growing each and every day
Step by step, hand in hand
Let's take care of this place!

Library Link 05.06.14

Greetings from the library staff! It is hard to believe that our school year is fast coming to an end. We ask that all of our patrons please remember to return borrowed library materials. All items borrowed from the library this year are to be returned by Friday, 6 June. Please see librarians Ms. Lorna or Ms. Martha for any exceptions to these dates. Thank you for your help in getting everything back to our library! Please note that it is school policy to withhold year-end reports if a student has outstanding loans.

For those who will be in Addis Ababa during the holiday, the library will be open most Saturdays between 9:00 AM—12:00 PM.

Pick up time

Our annual staff recognition ceremony will be tomorrow and it starts at 4:00 PM sharp. All ICS staff are expected to attend this event so parents, guardians and drivers are advised to pick up their child/ren promptly at 3:20 PM and no later than 3:45 PM as there will be no supervision for the students after that time.


Lost and Found Items

Please be aware that lost and found items collected at the reception will be donated at the end of this school year, after 12 June. So please come and collect your valuables from the main reception and clothes will be placed outside the gym.


The Talking Head

Thu, 5 Jun. - 3:06PM
The following notice was sent to all parents via email earlier today. We want you to be aware that one of our early childhood staff has recently been identified as being a suspect for tuberculosis (...
Thu, 8 May. - 12:31PM
Middle States Association Visit is Complete!
Thu, 1 May. - 3:19PM
The following message was sent through the US Embassy’s warden system on Wednesday evening, 30 April.
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:45AM
Use of The ICS Campus by Students and Parents

Technology Corner

Fri, 30 May. - 11:06AM
Thu, 24 Apr. - 4:19PM
We are delighted to be organizing a conference for international school teachers to be held here at ICS in September. There have been Learning 2.0 conferences in Asia for years, and it's exciting to...
Thu, 24 Apr. - 4:06PM
I've written in the past few weeks – both here and in my school blog – about security issues and passwords. It's important to be safe and secure in your information and keeping a strong and secure...
Thu, 24 Apr. - 4:03PM
Last week, students from all divisions showed off some of the projects that they are working on in classes and after-school activities using technology. This was before the Board's AGM and parents...
Fri, 11 Apr. - 9:44AM
Tech Fair

Counselor's Corner

Tue, 3 Jun. - 12:03PM
The extra time kids have over the summer can bring on more than boredom. According to the National Summer Learning Association, students can lose just over two months’ worth of smarts during the...
Mon, 2 Jun. - 11:31AM
Whether your family is moving -- or your child is changing schools for any number of other reasons -- there are steps you can take now to ease the transition for your child.
Mon, 26 May. - 9:11AM
Your kid’s graduation, be it from elementary school, middle school, high school or college, is a major family event. This entry includes 10 suggestions for getting the most out of the experience.
Thu, 22 May. - 3:08PM
A representative from Manchester University in Indiana, US, will visit ICS on Monday 26 May. Students and parents  are encouraged to come to the presentation in the upper commons (second floor...
Tue, 20 May. - 12:31PM
Here as some tips to get parents to really start thinking about why their child isn’t listening to them, and how they can turn that around and restore peace to their home.1)LISTEN TO THEM.  ...

PTA Corner

Thu, 5 Jun. - 3:28PM
Thank you to all the parents, teachers and staff who came to the coffee morning on Monday, it was great to see so many people. Also a big thank you to Daniela for the delicious breakfast she prepared...
Thu, 29 May. - 12:23PM
PTA Coffee Morning
Thu, 22 May. - 3:09PM
PTA Coffee Morning
Thu, 15 May. - 2:53PM
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 'PTA Art Exhibition and Thank You to our volunteers'. The turnout exceeded our expectations and it was a great evening.
Thu, 15 May. - 2:40PM
All parents must have the hard plastic ID cards in the 2014-15 school year. Those who have the laminated paper IDs will need to get the hard plastic IDs by August 2014.

High School Corner

Thu, 5 Jun. - 3:25PM
IBDP Year Two
Thu, 5 Jun. - 3:23PM
The Guardian's 2014 University Rankings
Thu, 29 May. - 12:22PM
Thu, 22 May. - 3:20PM
Thu, 22 May. - 3:18PM

Middle School Corner

Thu, 5 Jun. - 3:22PM
Middle School Wrapping Up!
Thu, 29 May. - 12:21PM
  “Never a lender nor a borrower be”
Thu, 22 May. - 3:04PM
Community Time
Thu, 22 May. - 3:02PM
Please see the links provided below.
Thu, 22 May. - 3:02PM
ICS Students Song Writing Workshop

Elementary Corner

Thu, 5 Jun. - 3:07PM
Reminder to sign up for summer camp!
Thu, 29 May. - 12:19PM
Elementary Eagle Learners Reach their Goal to Have a Readathon Pajama Day!
Thu, 22 May. - 3:03PM
This Friday is high school graduation. While your children in elementary school are still a few years away from this significant life event, it is never too early to start thinking about what kind of...
Thu, 22 May. - 3:02PM
Please see the links provided below.
Thu, 22 May. - 3:02PM
ICS Students Song Writing Workshop

Athletics & Activities Corner

Thu, 15 May. - 2:52PM
All season 3 athletes and their parents are invited to the Athletic Awards Ceremonies which will take place on Tuesday 20 May at 6:00 PM in the school gym. Semi-formal dress.
Thu, 8 May. - 12:37PM
The last day for all afterschool activities running through the Athletics and Activities Office will be on Friday 16 May.
Thu, 17 Apr. - 8:48AM
The International/ISSAAA track and field meet was a massive success this past weekend. Our crew of volunteers worked tirelessly for three days to stage a spectacle of athletic achievements. Coaches,...
Fri, 21 Mar. - 8:57AM
Please be reminded that there will be no ASA or sports after school for elementary students between 20—21 March due to Student-Led Conferences.
Fri, 28 Feb. - 11:36AM
The 5th annual Eagle Open Slam International Tennis Tournament was held on our tennis courts from 19—23 February. This event over the years has attracted a variety of international schools across...

Emergency Procedures

We held a very efficient safe haven drill on 29 April which was observed by the Middle States Association (MSA) visiting team. Thank you to the parents on campus who were knowledgeable about our procedures and participated appropriately.

Board of Governors Elections, Please Vote!

There are only five school days remaining to vote for the Board of Governors for 2014-15 school year, please stop by and vote during the day in the Head of School’s office or at the Association General Meeting (AGM) meeting on 16 April at 6:00 PM. For parents who can come early that day, please stop by the student technology fair in the cafeteria, lower commons, at 5:00 PM.

ICS Celebrates 50 Years of Growth

Please join us as we launch our year-long celebration in honor of our 50

Board News 03.04.14

Board Elections

All Association members have received an election packet via email with the candidates’ letters of interest. Candidate information is also posted in the ICS reception area. Ballots are available now so please stop by the Head of School’s office to vote.
How to vote:
1) Register and pick-up your ballot in the Head of School’s office
2) On the ballot, vote for exactly two candidates
3) Fold and drop your vote in the sealed ballot box in the Head’s office

Board News

Upcoming ICS Board of Governors Election: 16 April 2014.

Every year at the Association General Meeting (AGM) in April, parent volunteers stand for election to the ICS Board of Governors; this year three seats will be open for new board members to join for a two year term.