Study Hall for Middle School 

Setting a routine for studying or completing homework is crucial in building good academic habits. We are now offering an after school study hall for all middle school students. The schedule is as follows:
Study Hall – Semester one: 30 August 2010 to 18 December 2010

Day Teacher Room
Mondays Jenna Pabalate 70
Tuesdays Mr. Walsh & Ms. Liz 63b
Thursdays Samson Abraham 63a
Fridays Fiona Thangata 65

Study hall is a quiet place for students to do homework, read, and/or study. Students may work in small groups quietly. A teacher is present to assist with questions about homework or studies, and to help facilitate a functioning learning environment. Students are required arrive promptly at 3:30 PM. Once checked in, students must remain until 4:30 PM. Students who are referred to study hall by a teacher will have a weekly report sent home to parents/ guardians.