ICS End-of-Year Exams and Community Service Day 

As we move toward the end of the year, students in grades 9-11 are preparing for their end-of-year examinations which will be held 6—7 June and 10 June. These examinations contribute to the second semester grade and offer students the challenge of studying more extensive amounts of content and skills-based learning as they go through high school. This is an essential skill for IB and university-level study. Teachers have been working with their students for the past several weeks to prepare effectively for these examinations.

All students in grades 9-11 will follow the same examination schedule for their core academic courses and will have no more than two exams each day. Snacks and lunch will be available at the up field snack area on each day, with dismissal after the afternoon examination at 1:30 PM.

Study sessions, facilitated by teachers, will be held immediately before each examination.


6 June


7 June


10 June


11 June


Session 1

8:00—10:30 AM 







Make-ups for illness (or 7th subject)


Session 2

11:00 AM—1:30 PM 

Amharic / French /Spanish




Second Science / Math /Language



Tuesday 11 June, there will be no exams or classes for students in grades 8-11, as teachers will be working hard to mark exams, assign grades, and finalize reports for the end of the year. Parents, please make other arrangements for your high school students on Tuesday; the only grade 8-11 students on campus will be those making up exams due to illness. 

Wednesday 12 June, all classes will meet. Students will receive their check-out forms, attend each of their classes in order to go over their exams with their teachers, learn how they performed, verify their final grades and return all books and materials. They will also clear out their lockers and make sure all library, sports and PE materials have been returned. This full day of school is required for all students to be cleared to “check out,” which is mandatory in order to receive their final report card for the year on Friday 14 June. All check-out forms must be completed and submitted to teachers by the end of the day. 

Thursday 13 June will be a Community Service Day for all students and teachers in grades 8-11. More information will be shared about this community-building event in an upcoming Yezare Samint. 

Friday 14 June is the final day of school for all ICS students. Middle and high school students will have a morning assembly for awards and farewells, followed by a final meeting with advisors to collect their report cards. Dismissal will be at approximately 12:00 PM (no lunch will be served).