Computer Science and ICS 

Just this week, there have been a few big news items about education and computer science. launched a video ‘What they don't teach in schools’, in which various famous figures talked about the power of programing and how every student should have a chance to learn it. Add to this the statement from US President Barack Obama, that requiring the teaching of computer programming to all high school students “makes sense”, the US Congress' updating of its annual student arts competition to include a mobile apps contest and there are definite signs in the US that computer science and programming should and will become a core subject.

There are other initiatives around the world. The UK is working on shifting its curriculum to include a required computing subject. Estonia has required computing and programming courses for all students, starting in the elementary schools. Other initiatives abound. More and more countries are recognizing that hard computing skills – programming and similar computer science abilities – is a requirement for all.

What does all this mean for ICS? What are we doing about it? In a word: plenty.

ICS has been offering Computer Science and programming electives in middle and high school and will expand our offerings next year. (Parents: have your children sign up!) Furthermore, we have been teaching programming and web coding in Elementary School as well as offering programming and robotics after-school activities. We are expanding our curriculum to make computing (including programming and Computer Science) a requirement for all students. We believe this is an important skill for our students and want to empower our students to contribute to our networked world. More information can be found here.