Technology at ICS 

At ICS, we recognize that our students need to function and succeed in the global, networked 21st century. We are committed to providing a variety of technology tools for students to create, collaborate and learn.

We believe that technology is a tool that should:

  • enable students to learn in more active and individualized ways
  • assist teachers in differentiating instruction and creating complex, rich learning experiences
  • facilitate communication throughout the community
  • help improve productivity and efficiency in the school offices and classrooms


We strive to provide a wide variety of tools to all members of the community and support the diversity of our campus. We have multiple computer platforms in school (Macintosh, Windows, Linux) and support a variety of computers and related hardware. We welcome school community members onto our network, and encourage responsible use of ICS facilities by all members of our community.

As the technology infrastructure of Ethiopia grows and expands, we look forward to similarly growing and expanding our network and connectivity to the rest of the world. It's an exciting time at ICS!

Be sure to read the "Technology Corner", published frequently in the Yezare Samint.

John Iglar, Director of Technology, keeps a blog on this website.