ICS Addis Student Support Services



ICS Addis is on the forefront of progressive education in international schools in Africa. The ICS Board, administration and faculty support and encourage the education of many children and aim to provide the best responsibly inclusive education in Africa. ICS is fortunate to have an extensive array of supports available to students and parents.  


The ICS Student Support Services program is based on the concept that differentiation is achieved by the continual adjustment of an appropriately challenging learning program to match a student’s demonstrated level and pace of learning. With this in mind, our goal of meeting the individual needs of our students will be accomplished. This is achieved through professional learning communities, the response to intervention model, and advocating for our students. The Student Support Team meets weekly to discuss student and program needs, in order to ensure students receive the specific support they require to achieve their maximum potential and become successful.

ICS will be a responsibly inclusive school, with differentiated instruction based on an analysis of student needs, by 2016–17 as outlined in our 5-year plan.

  • We believe that all students can learn and want to learn.

Our goal is to help all students reach their potential.

  • We believe that the relationship between teacher and student has a significant impact on how well the student learns.

Our goal is for all students to know themselves as learners and to advocate for their learning, and for teachers to create a learning environment where this will happen.

  • We believe in equal access to our curriculum and in providing students what they need to learn.

Our goal is to provide strategies and support to teachers and students, through the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) so that all students can access the curriculum. We admit only students for which we have the services available.

  • We believe that a variety of strategies and specialists are necessary, in order to become more effective and responsibly inclusive.

Our goal is to increase staffing to maintain and improve services for all ICS students, as well as increase the number of students served over the next five years, e.g., additional learning support, EAL support, socio-emotional support, etc.

Policies and Procedures Handbook (pdf)