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After School Activities

At ICS, we believe in a holistic approach to education and that includes having fun! After School Activities (ASAs) are an excellent way to learn, develop skills and talents and build confidence. We offer a wide range of activities from sports, martial arts, dancing, cooking, computer games, book making, chess...and so much more. We encourage all of our students to sign up for an after school activity.

There are three ASA seasons throughout the school year. Each season offers over 80 different activities for students in grades 1-12. Elementary school ASA booklet can be found here.

More information about each ASA season will be distributed to parents and students prior to the start of each season.  

Elementary School ASA Registration

When it is time to register for an ASA season, you will receive an ES ASA booklet and an email with your child's ID number.

STEP 1 Click here to register online.

STEP 2 Enter your child’s code and click “Log In". You will see a screen with all the ASAs that are available for your child at his/her age level.

STEP 3 Select up to two (2) extra-curricular activities for your child by clicking on each of the boxes next to the name of the activity. If the activity is full we ask that you select another choice. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a full activity, please click on the desired box.

STEP 4 Once you have selected the ASAs for your child, please click the “register” button at the bottom of the screen. You will then receive a confirmation page of your child’s activities that you should print out for your records.

STEP 5 You can return to the Elementary ASA Online Registration System to add and/or drop activities for your child. Please be aware, as soon as you drop an activity, the computer will automatically place someone on the waiting list in your child’s place; so be very sure that you want to drop an activity before you do so.

To register for grade 4 and 5 sports, visit our Athletics page HERE.

Middle & High School ASA Registration

Please follow the directions below for Activities Registration. When it is time to register for an ASA season, you will receive an MS/HS ASA booklet.

Click HERE to go to the registration page.

Log in with the student’s username and password. Username: first name-­initial of last name (ex: jessica-­m) Password: the default is his/her student ID#.

Tick the boxes of the activity(s) desired.

Read the two statements at the bottom of the page and click the appropriate option (I Agree or I Do Not Agree).

Click “Register.”


Registration for competitive athletics is a different process. To register for competitive athletics, visit our Athletics Registration page.