ICS Prepaid Service 

ICS Addis provides students ID cards to all students; these ID cards are also to be used as prepaid debit cards, within ICS only, to purchase a hot lunch/buffet or snacks from the ICS cafeteria. The prepaid account uses an electronic debit system, which means each time a purchase is made it will reduce the prepaid account by the amount of the purchase. The student ID card has a unique barcode that is used to access the student’s ICS prepaid account by a simple swipe at the cafeteria cashier.

Elementary students must use the prepaid card system for lunch purchase from the ICS cafeteria. MS and HS students can also use cash; however, using the prepaid system will be faster during peak lunch hours.

Getting started with the ICS prepaid account – parents and students can deposit money by visiting the ICS cashier or student store. For fastest service, bring the ICS Student ID for the initial deposit. Please make sure to collect a receipt.

Each student has an individual account; joint family accounts are available upon request by emailing prepaid.service(at)icsaddis.edu.et.

Account alerts – Initially all students’ prepaid account and account alerts are linked to their parent’s mobile number. This is set as “Parent 1”, the first parent listed in the ICS directory. If this is NOT the appropriate parent for account alerts, please send an email to prepaid.service(at)icsaddis.edu.et and tell us which parent and which mobile number to use. Account alerts are sent when there is activity on the account (deposit or charge) and when there is a low balance (150 birr). Alerts can be customized by individual account; please see “Managing Your Prepaid Account”. Account alerts will be sent from mobile number 0930-097-395; please set this number as ICS Prepaid in your mobile address book.

For assistance with your student’s prepaid account, you can visit the IT Help desk or contact us by email at prepaid.service(at)icsaddis.edu.et. For additional information regarding online account access and alert customization, please see “Managing Your Prepaid Account” on the ICS website. Parents can also request a prepaid account by sending email to prepaid.service(at)icsaddis.edu.et.