ICS Scholarship Program Explained...

ICS Addis offers four full 4-year scholarships to rising 9th graders from schools throughout Addis Ababa. The scholarships are totally need-blind and based on merit.
The selection process begins with applications from the top students from public and private schools around the city. Applicants then take a three-hour exam in reading, writing and mathematics. The top 8-10 applicants will be invited for interviews with ICS faculty the following weekend. The students' parents are also interviewed by the parents of current or former scholarship students, to learn about the family and to give them more information about the school and what they might expect by accepting a scholarship. From the pool of interviewees, four students will be selected.

Unlike most international schools in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education currently forbids ICS from enrolling Ethiopian students who pay tuition, because we do not follow the Ethiopian national curriculum. The Ethiopian students we do enroll are allowed by the Ministry due to their citizenship from other countries, because their parents are in upper management at the school or because they have been learning outside Ethiopia and cannot reenter the Ethiopian school system. Alongside their other subjects in English, ICS scholarship students continue to study Amharic language and literature, producing an annual Amharic play, and are known for their high level of activity and service to the school and community.
Nearly all of our scholarship students go on to win full scholarships at competitive universities in the USA. In recent years our scholarship students have been awarded 4-year scholarships to Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Amherst, Davidson, Williams, Brown and Columbia.