Ethiopia G/Yesus

Elementary School Physical Education

 My name is Ethiopia Gebreyesus. I have been teaching Physical Education to Elementary students at ICS since 1989. Prior to joining ICS, I taught freshman Physical Education at Addis Ababa University and Health Education at Kotobe Teacher Education College in Addis. I also had an opportunity to work with SOS children’s village for one year where I taught physical education to the kindergarten trainees and business education students.

I’m Ethiopian by birth. I am married, and with two children.

I did my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Physical Education at Lakshimibai National College of Physical Education (LNCPE) in India. I received my teaching license with the Michigan State University Overseas Education Program. As a life long learner, I was lucky to attend various workshops and conferences both locally, and mostly internationally, where I fondly got hooked with teaching physical education to children.

As a teacher, I have the highest expectations for each of my students and intend to bring to class positive attitude, enthusiasm, and compassion with the hope that such traits will motivate my students to develop passion for learning and becoming active all their life.

As a student, I was a sports fan and a champion athlete, representing my country in many international athletics championships (The East and Central African Athletic Championship, the All African Games, including the Olympics).

Fitness being one of my things, I ran a physical fitness educational program on Ethiopian television for two years, which paved way to the first aerobic program for women in Ethiopia.

I enjoy coaching athletics as well as organizing meets.