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Grade 11 Internship: A Learning Process

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Grade 11 students had an amazing internship week. This program gives students exposure to the working world and they experience how things are made, how services and systems are put in place and work discipline. Students learn about different jobs and careers and more importantly, about themselves. They learned to think, communicate, cooperate and be a part of a bigger system. They also saw and explored something new and know more about themselves in a different and professional setting. 

The students enjoyed their 5-day internships in many local and international organizations in Addis. From open-chest surgery to culinary and hospitality industries, to engineering and international banking, the students had hands-on experiences. Some of the students said it was exciting, challenging and learned a lot than they imagined they would. They also said they have learned more about themselves and were able to exercise some of the things they learned in school.

Most liked the fact that they went out of their comfort zone, and learned so many new things. Experience is a great way to learn, and it is one of the many ways we employ here at ICS Addis.

ICS Addis thanks all the mentors and our hard working students!