Why ICS Addis? 

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Thank you for your interest in the International Community School of Addis Ababa. ICS Addis is the right place for teachers who want to make a difference for future generations. ICS Addis was established in 1964 to serve the expatriate and local communities of Addis. We currently serve over 800 students from 60+ countries. Our students come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and most speak English as a second or third language. Our school offers a comprehensive academic program in English that culminates in an ICS diploma and possibly the International Baccalaureate Diploma upon graduation from high school. The Elementary and Middle School programs draw upon best educational practices from around the world and reflect solid pedagogical principles drawn from the American educational model. In addition to a challenging, broad and supportive academic program, our school offers a wide array of extracurricular and sports activities at all grade levels.

Our professional staff includes one hundred teachers from twelve countries, many of whom are recruited internationally. Teachers at ICS Addis enjoy a highly competitive salary and excellent benefits, including worldwide healthcare, furnished housing, retirement and professional development. We require at least three years of full time classroom experience and a teaching credential for our professional teachers. Please review our Profile of the Ideal ICS Addis Candidate below.

How to Apply to ICS Addis

Professional teaching positions are posted here. Please do not use the online application system to apply for local hire or teaching assistant positions.

Local hire positions: contact hr(at)icsaddis.edu.et.

Teaching assistant positions: contact hr(at)icsaddis.edu.et.

Substitute teacher application: complete the substitute application form.

Profile of the Ideal ICS Addis Candidate

The ideal ICS Addis teacher demonstrates outstanding ability in the following domains:

Planning and Preparation
The ICS teacher…

  • is experienced with standards-based curriculum mapping, and is ready to participate in developing and refining maps for courses/subjects/levels taught
  • develops plans and demonstrates practices that reflect familiarity with a wide range of effective pedagogical approaches in the discipline
  • consistently sets clear, rigorous learning outcomes for students based on appropriate standards and benchmarks
  • is licensed and certified for the position
  • has at least three years teaching experience, preferably 3–5 years of international teaching experience
  • has a subject area degree and/or educational Master’s degree or is interested in pursuing further education


Classroom Environment
The ICS teacher…

  • models the IB Learner Profile and consciously seeks to develop those traits in student learners
  • establishes a classroom environment of respect
  • develops appropriate, motivating relationships with students that lead to greater learning results
  • nurtures a safe climate where students can take risks and where student behavior is managed in a positive, proactive manner
  • will motivate and prepare students to engage in IB Diploma courses, if teaching in the high school


The ICS teacher…

  • employs an inquiry-based, constructivist approach to learning and teaching
  • understands the distinctive developmental needs of students at the level being taught, and supports and challenges them to maximize student learning
  • uses formative assessments regularly and gives feedback to students to improve learning results
  • differentiates content, process and product as appropriate, to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • guides students in the use of technology as a tool for learning
  • achieves above average learning results for full IB Diploma candidates, if teaching in the IB diploma program


Professional Responsibilities
The ICS teacher…

  • is unwaveringly committed to continuous, sustained improvement
  • exhibits readiness to be a collegial, collaborative team member to enhance student learning
  • contributes positively to the school community and culture beyond the classroom
  • uses technology proficiently as a communication tool with students, colleagues and parents, and as a tool for efficiency
  • maintains up to date and accurate records of student learning results
  • demonstrates flexibility and good humor in the vicissitudes common to international life


General Expectations of an ICS Addis Teacher
The teacher has a non-administrative role and is directly supervised by a Principal or a designee. All teachers receive an annual evaluation. Some of the following expectations apply to all ICS teachers, and others may be specific to a level or subject area…

  • Available on campus to students, parents or colleagues from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • Ensure the social, emotional and physical safety of all students at all times.
  • Work to ensure that students demonstrate growth in their learning.
  • Implement the curriculum designated by the school/principal.
  • Develop and use assessments aligned to the standards selected by the school.
  • Instruct using sound pedagogical methods. (Note: sound instruction promotes higher order thinking and writing skills.)
  • Advocate for 21st century learning: mastery of core subjects, as well as problem-solving and innovation skills, collaborative learning, use of technology, social and environmental awareness, etc.
  • Innovate and improve student learning using technology tools and software.
  • Differentiate instruction based on student needs and interests by providing enrichment or intervention for students as needed.
  • Administer the ISA, PSAT, formal writing and reading assessments, MAP, and other internal/external assessments as required.
  • Chaperone or assist at school functions upon request several times per year, and on class trips that are aligned to the curriculum, including extended trips in grades 4 – 12.
  • Provide active supervision of students during lunch or at other times/places on a basis and frequency to be determined by the principal.
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to parents in a variety of formats (e.g., phone calls, letters, email, parent/student conferences, report cards.)
  • Maintain and update student portfolios for writing, math or other subject areas.
  • Maintain a classroom data binder containing formative and summative assessment data.
  • Facilitate parent conferences and student-led conferences.
  • Maintain a system for daily, weekly or monthly unit and lesson plans.
  • Assist in the work of school accreditation as assigned by the principal.
  • Participate in school sponsored professional development including regular attendance at faculty meetings.
  • Set professional goals annually, and participate in feedback and evaluation processes (including maintaining a professional portfolio) with the principal or a designee.
  • Collaborate with grade level partners, teaching assistants, coaches, specialists and learning support teachers in accordance with school policies and student needs.
  • Map out classroom curricula that articulate with other grade levels.
  • Represent the school in a professional manner, both in and out of school.
  • Attend potlucks for your grade level, and/or other important informational evenings as required (e.g., College Night, IB Info Night, Grade Level Trip Nights.)