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PCL - Parent Community Link

ICS's own parent group is back and better than ever.  We hope you join us in facilitating some great community events in 2017-18!

Mission Statement

The Parent Community Link’s mission is to create a strong sense of community, to raise the level of parent involvement and to support students and teachers in delivering a quality education program.

We seek to accomplish this mission by:

  • Enhancing two-way communication between the school and parents. 
  • Increasing community involvement that supports the ICS mission and vision.
  • Arranging activities and special events that support and enhance the sense of community.
  • Supporting students and school projects with fundraising through PCL activities.


  • The PCL is made up of parent volunteers and is supported and ultimately overseen by the school through the Communications Office.
  • The managing team is elected by the ICS community on a yearly basis in November and will serve on the team from January through December. (with the exception of the first managing team).
  • The PCL managing team will set the agenda and objectives for each year, in collaboration with the school.
  • The PCL will hold monthly meetings that engage the community and advance PCL events and school activities.
  • The managing team will get parent volunteers to lead and support each event or project.
  • The managing team will develop and manage a yearly budget.  A yearly budget review will be conducted by the Communications Office.

Register to volunteer!

Looking to get involved and support ICS?  Then register with the PCL! The PCL will match parents who want to get involved with a variety of opportunities throughout the year.

With the PCL, parents can volunteer their time and talents in a variety of ways without having to make year-long commitments. Parents can be involved in ways and at times that fit their schedules and level of interest. Whether you want to be planning regular events for the parent community or only have time for one hour at a major event on a weekend, the PCL will be your link to the school for volunteering.

To register, simply fill out this short survey with the types of events you would like to volunteer for and the days and times you are available. You can find the survey here:

If you have any questions about the PCL, please email

We look forward to getting to know you at an upcoming event in 2017-18!

Managing Team Members

The 2017-18 PCL Managing Team includes:

  • Coleen Gatehouse
  • Stephanie Barnett
  • Sophie Mosko
  • Louise Nel
  • Moana van Hijum-McKenzie

If you are interested in joining the managing team, send an email to: