ICS Addis Ababa Eagles Department 

The ICS Athletic Department would like to welcome back all teachers, students, athletes, fans and parents to an exciting and promising year for our ICS Athletics Program. In order to improve our athletic and after school activities for our student body, ICS has committed itself to further developments for the 2013-2014 school year.

ICS is a full member of the International Schools of Southern and Eastern Africa (ISSEA) and is eligible to participate in international volleyball, basketball and soccer. ISSEA membership will allow ICS students to travel to places like; Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. In addition, ICS’s track and field athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the 49th Annual ISSAAA and 4th Annual International Track Meet in Addis.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Athletic Registration and Tryouts for 2013-14

Registration Process

Register online here. Online registration is not optional. Students not registered will be asked to register before they are allowed to tryout. Please visit the Athletics and Activities Office in the school gym if you are having trouble registering online.

Tryout Schedule
There is a one week tryout period. If for any reason you can not make the tryouts please come to the Athletics and Activities Office in advance so your interest is registered. Participation in all tryout sessions is mandatory pending advance notification to the Athletics and Activities Office. Depending on the sport and level, there are two or three tryout sessions. A full week tryout schedule is available on the school website or on the gym bulletin board.

Have a Great Year.


Mr. David Goetz
Athletics and Activities Director