Clubs and Afterschool Activities 

ICS believe that a well-rounded education program includes After School Activities (ASAs), which provide enriching experiences to broaden student perspectives and improve their socialization. In addition, it has been proven that students who are involved in ASAs show considerable improvement in academic achievement. ICS encourages all students to participate in ASAs.

ASA Information:

Elementary After School Activities 

The online registration system for After School Activities (ASAs) opens soon. 

  • Families will receieve a copy of the booklet along with an instruction letter.
  • Select only two activities for your child (along with a few alternate choices).
  • In the instruction letter, you will find your child’s ID number, which is your log in for the online registration

STEP 1 Click here to register online.

STEP 2 Enter your child’s code and click “Log In". You will see a screen with all the ASAs that are available for your child at his/her age level.

STEP 3 Select up to two (2) extra-curricular activities for your child by clicking on each of the boxes next to the name of the activity. If the activity is full we ask that you select another choice. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a full activity, please click on the desired box.

STEP 4 Once you have selected the ASAs for your child, please click the “register” button at the bottom of the screen. You will then receive a confirmation page of your child’s activities that you should print out for your records.

STEP 5 You can return to the Elementary ASA Online Registration System to add and/or drop activities for your child. Please be aware, as soon as you drop an activity, the computer will automatically place someone on the waiting list in your child’s place; so be very sure that you want to drop an activity before you do so.

ICS Computer Lab Open for Parents to Register Your Children
– ICS will make our computer labs available, with assistance, for parents who do not have computer access from home or their office.

Athletics for Under-12 (U12)

Grade 4 and 5 students are also eligible to join the ISSAAA sports league (U12). To register use the Athletics Online Registration system.

How to Sign Up

Username: first name-last name first initial (david-g)
Password: your password is on the student’s ID card (this is the same username and password that your child uses to log onto their computer at school)

Middle School After School Activities

Middle School ASAs start Sept 1.  For the Season 1 booklet, click HERE.

Competitive Athletics:

1. Click here to go to the registration page.
2. Tick the boxes of the teams you would like to join.
3. Then, upload a copy of your passport.
4. To complete registration, complete the Agreement Form and turn it into the ASA Office.


1. Click here to go to the registration page.
2. Log in with the student’s username and password. Username: firstname-­‐initial of last name (ex: jessica-­‐m) Password: the default is  his/her student ID#.
3. Tick the boxes of the activity(s) desired.
4. Read the two statements at  the bottom of the page and click the appropriate option (I Agree or I Do Not Agree).
5. Click “Register.”

High School Clubs

High school students may sign up for high school clubs with Natasha McCarroll, the CAS Coordinator. HS Club offerings are available here (165KB).

Registration for Competitive Athletics for High School Students
Registration for Competitive Athletics is different from Activities registration. Please follow the directions below:
1. Click here and login
2. Tick the boxes of the teams you would like to join.
3. Then, upload a copy of your passport.
5. To complete registration, complete the agreement form and turn it in to the ASA office.

Most days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) the regular school day ends at 3:20 PM and activities begin at 3:35 PM. Typically, activities run until 4:30 PM while athletic practices end at 5:15 PM. Unless students are involved in an activity, studying in the library or working with a teacher, no supervision can be guaranteed. Therefore, students who are not  involved in after school activities must be off campus by 3:35 PM. Wednesday dismissal is 2:00 PM and band practice and the Mother Tongue program are the only supervised activities. Unsupervised students must be off campus by 2:15 PM on Wednesdays. Please help us maintain a safe campus by ensuring your  child(ren) are picked up on time.