Performing Arts 

The ICS Performing Arts Department provides a balanced co-curricular education for students from beginning through advanced levels.

Beginning band is offered in 5th grade, with students progressing to Middle and High School Bands, Concert Choir, and Jazz Band in secondary school. Drama is integrated in elementary classrooms, and both Middle and High School Drama are offered in secondary school. Students have multiple opportunities to perform, including class and public performances, as well as international travel to both drama and music festivals, including ISTA, ISSEA Arts Festivals, TAISM Festival of Choirs, AMIS and the East Africa Choir Festival. ICS also performs a full length Amharic drama production each year, led by the Amharic teacher and Scholarship Students.


The Performing Arts philosophy focuses on building an integrated set of rigorous, innovative, academic and practical skills, which can be confidently applied in a wide variety of performances and cross curricula events. By developing student’s strengths in communication, collaboration, creative expression, and problem solving, their talents and intellects are effectively applied in authentic, interdisciplinary settings.

All proceeds from performances are donated to communities in need whom the ICS community is currently working with.