Withdrawal Procedures 

ICS being a dynamic environment, parents might leave the school at any time of the year for any reason. ICS would like to provide the following procedures to guide parents leaving on what to do.

Notification Procedure

Please notify us in writing at least two weeks before your last day, to allow us time to prepare for your departure. The notification can be done either by email to info(at)icsaddis.edu.et or in person at the reception desk.

Checkout Procedure

All students must return all school and library books, instruments and other school-owned materials. Any lost books or materials can be paid for in birr with the cashier. All outstanding charges with the Business Office must be settled as well. For elementary school, your child's teaching assistant will receive a checkout form from the office and will obtain all the required signatures. For middle and high school, the students will receive the checkout forms and they will be responsible to obtain all the required signatures. Please make sure you do not have any school books or other materials at home.

Withdrawal Packet

The Admissions and Communications Office will prepare a withdrawal packet for each student leaving ICS. The withdrawal packets for elementary students will be sent home with the youngest child on their last day of school, unless you request to pick it up in person from the office. The withdrawal packets for middle and high students must be picked by the students upon return of the checkout forms. 

The withdrawal packet is a sealed envelope containing the student's official transcript or report cards for the time he or she has been at ICS. It also contains a school profile and certificate of enrollment.

Additional Withdrawal Packets/Official School Records

If needed, additional withdrawal packets can be prepared or sent electronically to your child's new school. Please let us know if you need anything additional. This can also be done upon request at any time of the school year.

Exit Interviews

We ask all leaving families to complete a short exit interview with the Admissions Office staff, to gather your feedback and comments on your time at ICS. This information will assist us in improving our service to the ICS community in the future. Traci Chanyalew, the Communications Associate in the Admissions Office, conducts the exit interviews and the Admissions Office can assist with scheduling your interview. We know that your last few weeks in the country will be busy, but it should only take about 15 minutes, and we very much appreciate you taking some time to do this.

Contact Ms. Mahlet Workayehu at mahlet.workayehu(at)icsaddis.edu.et for more information on the withdrawal process.