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Leaving Families


We are here to support your application to the next school, and provide any school records, transcripts, standardized test scores and recommendations required to apply to the new school. We can also assist with proctoring admissions assessments required for the next school. Please email your request to Please note that recommendations especially can take time to complete, so we ask for at least two weeks notification on your document requirements. Any recommendation or reference completed by ICS is sent directly to the new school.

We encourage high school students to formally request their recommendations from their teachers and/or counselor. The high school counselors can assist them with this process. Completed recommendations will be returned to the registrar to be sent electronically to the new school.


Please notify us in writing at least two weeks before your last day, to allow us time to prepare for your departure. The notification can be done either by email to or in person at the reception desk.

Checkout Procedure

All students must return all school and library books, instruments and other school-owned materials. Any lost books or materials can be paid for in birr with the cashier. All outstanding charges with the Business Office must be settled as well. Please make sure you do not have any school books or other materials at home.

For elementary school, your child's teaching assistant will receive a checkout form from the office and will obtain all the required signatures.

For middle and high school, the students will receive the checkout forms and they will be responsible to obtain all the required signatures. 

Laptop Return

You may return your child’s laptop to Circuit City (the IT service office near the high school office). They will receive your computer, check for any damages and the deposit receipt will be returned to you for refund at the Cashier Office.

Exit Survey / Interview

As part of the withdrawal process, we ask all families to provide feedback to ICS to help us continue to provide an excellent education. Please take a few moments to fill out this anonymous survey. If you prefer to speak with someone in person, let us know and we can arrange an exit interview with our Communications Director, Kristi Williams.

Your feedback is very helpful. You can access the anonymous survey by clicking HERE.

Withdrawal Packet

The registrar will prepare a withdrawal packet for each student leaving ICS. The withdrawal packets for elementary students will be sent home with the youngest child on their last day of school, unless you request to pick it up in person from the office. The withdrawal packets for middle and high students must be picked by the students upon return of the checkout forms.

The withdrawal packet is a sealed envelope containing the student's official transcript or report cards for the time he or she has been at ICS, along with Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores, if applicable. It also contains a school profile and certificate of enrollment. Please note that if you are leaving before the end of the semester or quarter, a final grade report may not be included in the withdrawal packet. See the information belong regarding leaving ICS early.

Additional Withdrawal Packets/Official School Records

If needed, school records or additional withdrawal packets can be prepared or sent electronically to your child's new school. Please let us know if you need anything additional. This can also be done upon request at any time of the school year.

Leaving ICS Early (Mid-Year)

While we encourage families to plan travel around school semester dates, we understand that it is not always possible to do so. If your child will be withdrawing from ICS before the end of the quarter or semester, please note the following:

Availability of Mid-Term or Final Grades

Elementary and Middle School: 

Students must attend class for at least 30 school days of the quarter to receive grades for that term. Students in attendance for less than 30 school days of the quarter will not receive a report card.

High School: 

If a student withdraws from ICS before the end of a semester, only a “progress grade” (to date) can be given. Course credit will not be granted for the semester. A student must attend 85% of classes for the semester and achieve a grade of 3 or higher in order to receive credit for the course. High school progress reports, issued once per semester, are not indicative of semester grades.

Issuing Report Cards

If an elementary or middle school student is leaving before the final day of the quarter or semester, the withdrawal packet should contain the student's final reports. However, as reports or progress reports are not always ready on a student's last day of school, the registrar will then send the final reports by email to the parents as soon as they are available.

Final reports and transcripts for high school students will be available when all high school students receive their report cards, and will be sent by email to the parents.

Parents should make additional arrangements if they want hard copies of the reports, or want the reports emailed directly to the new school.

Access to Electronic Systems at ICS

PowerSchool Parent and Student Portal

The PowerSchool parent and student portals will no longer be available to parents after the student’s last day of school. ICS can issue official hard copies or soft copies of school records, including transcripts for high school students, but parents will no longer be able to access information through the PowerSchool portals.

Google Drive

Students may download or transfer their work from Google Drive. Click HERE for help on how to transfer files from an ICS account to another Google account, or to download files.ICS Google Drive accounts for withdrawn students will be closed on 28 February for students who leave in semester 1 and on 30 September for students who leave in semester 2.

Student Email Accounts (Zimbra)

ICS email accounts for withdrawn students will be closed on 28 February for students who leave in semester 1 and on 30 September for students who leave in semester 2.


Click HERE for information on how to download an archive of your student’s files from Seesaw. Seesaw accounts for withdrawn students will be closed on 30 June.