How To Apply 

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years. Some grade levels are full, including early childhood, some elementary grades and all high school grade levels. Please review our Admissions Policy for more information on wait list placement and contact the Admissions Office for up-to-date information on space availability.
We encourage prospective families to learn about ICS Addis by reviewing our website, setting up an appointment to visit the school campus, if possible, and communicating any questions to the Admissions Office. We can also connect you with a current ICS family if you are interested in obtaining a parent perspective on ICS Addis.

Email: admissions(at)
Telephone: (+251) 11-371-1544
Fax: (+251) 11-371-0722

Mauritania Road, Old Airport
PO Box 70282
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Application Process
Like other private schools, we require information that helps us determine whether there is a good match between our program of instruction and the applicant’s educational needs. We want to ensure that your child’s entrance to our school will be relatively simple and straightforward.

Applications to ICS Addis are considered based on our Admissions Policy. Before applying, please review the information on grade placement and student support services, including learning support and English as an Additional Language services. 
Step 1
Admission cannot be considered without the following required items, and admissions procedures will be deferred until they are received. The required documents can be submitted via fax, email or through mail or courier services. The application and student reference forms can be filled out electronically, then printed and signed (they cannot be saved unless you have Adobe Professional).
  • Application for Admission (applicants for kindergarten to grade 12 only) (225 KB)
  • Early Childhood Application (applicants for early childhood only - EC3 and EC4) (201 KB)
  • Student Reference Form:
    • Kindergarten (115 KB) - to be completed by parent
    • Grades 1-5 (180 KB) - to be completed by a teacher or administrator at previous school
    • Grades 6-12 (217 KB) - to be completed by a teacher or administrator at previous school
  • Application Fee of US$500 (Tuition and Fees Payment Schedule)
  • School Records in English, from previous two full years of schooling
    • Including report cards/transcripts, standardized test results, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or program modification reports, and the results of all psychological or behavioral testing, standardized educational testing, or speech and language testing
  • Applicant Passport-sized Photo (preferably electronic)
  • Copy of Applicant Passport
  • Applicants who are Ethiopian passport holders must provide a copy of their passport or city resident ID and an approval letter from the Ministry of Education.
  • Application fee must be paid in US dollars, either in cash, US dollar check (made out to ICS) or bank transfer. See Tuition and Fees Payment Schedule for more details. If an applicant does not enroll at ICS for any reason, US$250 can be refunded, in birr or US dollar check only.
Step 2
The Admissions Committee reviews the applicant’s file. An admissions decision is issued, or further information is requested, including any necessary assessments.
Step 3
To confirm enrollment:
  • Submit Enrollment Agreement (sent by Admissions Office upon acceptance)
  • Submit Medical History/Immunization form
  • Confirm arrival and school start date with Addmissions Office
Step 4
Before starting school:

  • Confirm arrival and school start dates with Admissions Office and receive orientation materials.
  • MS/HS students will schedule classes as needed.
  • Students entering the IB Diploma Program in the middle of grade 11 or in grade 12 should refer to IB Diploma Transfer Students for further documentation requirements.
  • MS/HS students will complete a family interview and orientation with the principal and/or counselor upon arrival in Addis.
  • Payment of the capital levy may be required to reserve a space for students arriving more than one month from the date of acceptance.

Waiting List
Many grade levels are at or near enrollment capacity. In such cases, applicants who have submitted complete applications will be considered based on the Admissions Policy.