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Week Without Walls

ICS believes in the importance of supplementing in-class learning with field experiences, taking advantage of the many educational opportunities available in Ethiopia. Elementary students may visit a local farm, a weaving studio or a coffee plantation. Secondary students take overnight trips to different locations in Ethiopia, including the Bale Mountains, the Historical Circuit and Harar, for in-depth studies of science, history and culture.

Week Without Walls starts in Elementary school in Grade 4 with 1 overnight and the program builds each year.


  • enrich classroom learning
  • develop socio-emotional growth
  • increase cultural understanding of the host country
  • understand one’s own identity in a more profound and positive way


  • Engage students in modeling the ICS Learner Profile Traits
  • Build sustainable community service
  • Stimulate student’s intellect
  • Enrich student’s physical and emotional skills
  • Widen student’s cultural and environmental knowledge
  • Explore Ethiopia
Expectations & Security

The Week Without Walls Program requires parents to fill a permission and release form, providing the organizers with essential medical information to keep the students healthy. This information also helps the organizers act appropriately during emergencies. The program always takes certified medical personnel to further contribute to the safety of the trip. Prior to the trips, the school nurse reviews the permission and release forms. We also keep an eye on some endemic or seasonal maladies and inform parents of any risks. We count on any information that could be provided, including yours.


Student expectations

  • Respect the ICS Way
  • Follow school/trip rules
  • Participate fully
  • Be on time
  • Be attentive and alert
  • Be open minded
  • Be reflective

Parent expectations

  • Help student follow the packing list
  • Provide full, accurate medical and parent permission form on time
  • Pay the trip cost to ICS Cashier
  • Discuss the learning with your child on return: awareness of self and others, new challenges, perseverance, global issues, etc.)


ICS pre-assesses the safety of:

  • destinations
  • routes
  • lodging
  • surrounding social context
  • flora / fauna
  • vehicles and drivers

We inform and guide students on:

  • clothing, food, and water
  • Sun, insect, and plant protection
  • altitude
  • endemic or seasonal issues


We work in close collaboration with:

  • ICS Safety and Security Officers
  • local law enforcement agencies
  • ICS contacts in the local community
  • US and other Embassies
  • Nurse’s office: we always take certified medical personnel to further contribute to the safety of the trip

Parents must return a medical and permission form prior to the trip. Class advisors and other teachers serve as chaperones for their student.