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Campus & Facilities


ICS Addis has been encompassed by a rapidly growing city. Now situated on 15 acres (6 hectares) in the center of the “Old Airport” district, the campus is surrounded by residential housing and a burgeoning commercial center.

We enjoy a very unique “open” campus providing a large amount of playgrounds, athletic fields and green circulation space between a combination of traditional and new buildings. Beautiful gardens are filled with endemic species of flowers and trees that attract a wide variety of birds to the campus. Go to the galleries to see the unique architecture, flora and fauna that can be found on the ICS campus.

Academic facilities on the ICS main campus include 45 middle/high school classrooms, two computer labs and five science labs, as well as separate elementary and secondary school libraries, and an outdoor amphitheater. There are 20 regular elementary classrooms on the main campus.

A middle/high school classroom block was completed in 2005 and provides purpose-built classrooms for most of the middle and high school classes, as well as lockers for students. The School Store is also located here, for school supplies for all ICS students and families. A Secondary Extended Campus (SEC) across from the campus main gate opened in August 2012 with eight classrooms and a multipurpose room for middle and high school languages, advisory groups and other classes. In August 2013 a second satellite campus--the Little Eagles Nest--opened adjacent to the SEC, to provide two EC3 and three EC4 classrooms, with all the early childhood play spaces for our youngest Eagles.

For our campus photo gallery, click HERE.


Students, staff and families enjoy use of excellent sports and play facilities at ICS Addis. With beautiful weather almost all year, hundreds of community members use our facilities on a daily basis (including the weekends). Our rubberized 300-meter track is the only one in Ethiopia—in addition to all of our student athletes and many parents who walk or run for fitness, many of Ethiopia’s famous runners use our track early in the mornings for training. Two 80-meter soccer pitches (one doubles for softball/baseball), four clay tennis courts and two outdoor basketball and volleyball courts are used by everyone most of the year. Indoors, our gymnasium allows a wide variety of sports, and a fitness center is available for student and staff use.

Elementary students also enjoy multiple play areas, with small soccer pitches and age-appropriate play structures. These elementary play areas are open on the weekends with parent supervision.


ICS boasts excellent technology facilities and we are constantly aiming to improve them. We have two dedicated technology labs: a computer lab for elementary classes, and a computer/robotics lab for secondary.  Individual classrooms are all equipped with technology tools. All elementary classrooms have desktop computers as well as SmartBoards, document cameras, printers, etc. Secondary classrooms each have a projectors, and shared access to document cameras and networked printers. Some secondary classrooms have SmartBoards and we are expanding their use throughout the school.

All students from grade 5 through 12 use their own computer for school work (grades 5-8 are issued Windows 8.1 laptops, while grades 8-12 have the option of using a school-issued computer or bringing their own Windows or Macintosh computer). Students in grades 1 and 2 each have an iPad to use for school work. We are expanding this program to include all grade levels.

We have shared resources that are used throughout the school: several sets of laptops and iPads which classes can check out, as well as other resources (cameras, projectors, etc.) that can be checked out by teachers. Our campus-wide network gives all students and teachers access to the internet, and we have a dedicated guest network for parents and community members.